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Need help lifting your purchase?  All Ace employees are willing to help you get your purchase into your car so you can get home and get started on your project.

Welcome to Ace Hardware

Bishop Ace Hardware is dedicated to Customer Service and we are proud to have given our customers over 50 years of local service. We are a family-owned company operated by friends and neighbors in our communities and we're committed to providing exceptional, helpful, and friendly service and satisfaction to our customers. We will achieve our goal of customer satisfaction by offering a wide selection of quality products at a fair price, adhering to the highest retail standards, supporting our community and country, and encouraging sound business and environmental practices.

As a Bishop Ace Hardware customer you have the option to shop local at any one of our stores, which are family owned and operated with a local focus at each location. We are a member-owner, of the national coop - Ace Hardware Corporation. This keeps us locally owned and nationally known. A competitive advantage to provide our customers with everyday great service.

Thank you for your Business!